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Masterclip Clipper Reviews

Masterclip pedigree clippers

Whether I’m planning on showcasing my dogs or just sprucing them up to keep them clean and presentable, I find that having a reliable pair of clippers really makes the whole job of grooming so much easier and less stressful. It also saves a lot of money and time spent driving too and from the […]

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How to House Train a Puppy

This article will mainly focus on house training puppies, but the advice given can generally be applied to house training dogs of any age. The key to successfully house training dogs or puppies is timing, consistency and patience. Most dogs learn very quickly, but a lot of new dog owners mistakenly allow their dogs to […]

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Can Dog Fleas Live on Humans?

Dog with Fleas

Fleas will certainly live in human hair given half the chance, therefore ensuring that your dog is free from fleas is imperative for the health and hygiene of both your pet and family. Even if you don’t have pets, fleas can still find their way into your hair via other means, and so knowing how […]

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FURminator DeShedding Tool Review

The FURminator DeShedding Tool isn’t your average dog grooming brush, it’s literally a lifesaver! I have a Siberian Husky that has a double layer coat. Twice per year it sheds heavily, leaving a trail of hair everywhere it goes. During peak periods it’s not uncommon for me to have to vacuum three or fours timer […]

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How to Stop a Dog Chasing Things

If you have a dog that likes to chase cars, bikes, buses and squirrels (or any other animal) youre probably exasperated and desperate for information on how to stop dogs chasing things. Nothing is worse than walking your dog on a leash, when suddenly he yanks away from you to chase after a bird, a […]

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