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Best Dog Grooming Table Reviews

dog on a grooming table

Whether you are thinking about starting your own dog grooming business or are just getting to grips with DIY dog grooming, a dog grooming table is most definitely a necessary purchase.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I tried to groom my dog in the corner of a room or in our bathtub. You can only get away with this approach for so long before your back gives in or you reach breaking point with the mess and your dog constantly moving around whilst you try to give their coat a trim.

What to look out for when considering a dog grooming table:

· Size

· Does it have a harness?

· Does it come with a stool?

· Can it be stowed away easily?

· Can the height be adjusted?

These are all things questions that you need to ask yourself during your search for a dog grooming table. Now, it could be that some of the questions aren’t as important to you as others, that’s ok, your individual needs will vary from others’ so make a quick list of what features are more important to you and then take a look at my dog grooming table recommendations below.

Simpsons Online Small Folding Dog Grooming Table Review

This table from Simpsons Online is ideal for both home DIY dog groomers and those who are looking to make a mobile grooming business.

Targeted towards smaller pets, the table is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your dog and equipment but it also folds flat in a few seconds. I love my dog but I don’t want a dog grooming table sat in the corner of my home, so having a table that folds away easily is an absolute must in my book.

The table also has adjustable legs, so if you find that you aren’t comfortable with the height of the table, you’ll easily be able to alter it to a point that allows you to get straight to work.

Groomex Portable Mobile Folding Dog Grooming Table Review

This dog grooming table from Groomex is perfect for all types of dogs that weigh up to 100kg. Complete with an adjustable grooming arm and noose, you’ll be able to safely secure your beloved pet and ensure that there is minimal movement whilst you try to complete your grooming tasks.

The non-slip PVC leather easy to clean top is perfect for keeping your dog safe, but also wiping up any spillages that may occur during a grooming session.

Again, at the top of my list is having a table that folds away with ease for straightforward storage and the Groomex Portable Mobile Folding Dog Pet Grooming table does exactly that.

Libero UltroLift Salon Dog Grooming Table Review

If you are looking for something a little more serious and durable, the Libero UltroLift Salon Table is perfect.

Targeted towards busy, professional salons, this table should be on your list if you are thinking about starting your own dog grooming business in a salon or from home.

The handheld operator console enables you to easily adjust the height of the table to a point where you are comfortable. That means no bending down to adjust the table height each time you have a new dog to groom.

The heavy-duty hydraulic legs can lift a dog that weighs up to 100kg, so you shouldn’t have a problem grooming almost any dog. Furthermore, even though it is a big and powerful piece of kit, there is a foot lever operated wheel set that you can use whenever you need to move the table around.

The Libero UltroLift Salon Table is the perfect choice for anyone who runs a dog grooming business from home or a busy salon.