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Best Dog Grooming Scissors Reviews (UK)

Dog getting hair cut with dog grooming scissors

With hundreds of different types of dog grooming scissors to choose from you’ll be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed - it's hard even for those with years of experience to find their best dog grooming scissors. As a general rule of thumb, the cheaper scissors are a good choice for rough cutting, medium prices are ideal for part-time groomers and the most expensive options tend to be targeted towards professional groomers that will be trimming multiple dogs each day.

In the following paragraphs I’ll make a few suggestions of dog grooming scissors that are perfect for a number of different requirements.

Once you have purchased a pair, I can’t stress enough the importance of making sure that the blades are cleaned with a suitable hygiene spray and carefully dried after each use. This will ensure they cut better, and last longer.

​Pet Magasin ​Dog Thinning ​Scissors/Shears

Pet Magasin Dog Grooming Scissors

​Created with pet owners in mind, these serrated thinning scissors deliver a professional finish and are easy to use whether you are left or right-handed.

A top choice for dog grooming at home, these 7 inch ​dog grooming scissors are ergonomically designed with comfortable, moulded black plastic handles and a convenient finger rest for comfort whilst cutting.

Featuring both a long stainless steel blade with a serrated comb and a smooth, toothless blade, these dog grooming scissors are sharp and precise for thinning all types of hair of different lengths evenly (particularly useful for tidying any clumpy bits!).

Made from robust, surgical Japanese stainless steel, the sharpened 3.5 inch blade includes 28 teeth for a high-quality thinning scissor that will cut smoothly and last.

Delivering a beautiful, professional finish, these serrated dog grooming scissors are ideally sized for all-over use to seamlessly thin thick fur, loosen matted coats and provide a neat, even finish. Constructed with an adjustable screw mechanism, Pet Magasin’s reliable thinning shears can be adjusted for a tighter hold.

With multiple functions, these long-lasting Pet Magasin thinning scissors are suitable for use on their own or as part of your dog grooming kit.

​ARSUK Professional Pet Dog Grooming Scissor

​Arsuk’s professional pet dog grooming scissors are super sharp for a clean, precise finish that won’t let you down.

These top quality dog grooming scissors are excellent value delivering professional performance at an affordable price.

Made from fine Japanese steel, these 6.5 inch dog grooming shears feature a smooth, sharp-edged 3 inch blade for an exacting, neat and even finish. Arsuk’s popular straight dog grooming scissors are razor-sharp so there is no need to worry about split or damaged ends. However it is advisable to use these straight dog grooming shears with care. If your dog is super fidgety, you may want to opt for another choice.  

Constructed in a sleek, streamlined silver design, these smart dog grooming scissors include finger inserts and a finger rest for added comfort. Additionally, an essential screw-fix system ensures that you can adjust the scissors with ease.

Sold with a smart storage case, these Arsuk ​dog grooming scissors are a great find that will provide hours of pleasurable dog grooming for many years to come.

EKS Antistatic Straight 7 inch

EKS Antistatic Straight 7 inch

These EKS dog grooming scissors have a special Teflon coating to aid scissoring and prevent static build up. As a result trimming your coat is ten times easier compared to if you opted for cheaper alternatives from a less reputable brand.

Having looked around at the online reviews of the EKS Antistatic Straight 7 inch dog grooming scissors I can see that customers have noted that the scissors are extremely easy and comfortable to use and they are highly durable.

​Aussel 7 Inch Professional ​Dog Grooming Scissors

Aussel 7 Inch Professional ​Dog Grooming Scissors

​Thoughtfully designed with all of the features that you need from your dog grooming scissors, Aussel’s 7 inch professional pet dog grooming scissors are enjoyable to use and deliver a sharp, even finish that looks professional.

Designed in a modern all-black design with a distinct red screw, these striking, straight thinning scissors feature one serrated blade and an accompanying smooth blade for a great all-rounder that can cut hair of all lengths efficiently. Sharp and easy to use, both blades are shaped with a useful blunt edge for safe cutting in more delicate areas.

At 7 inches long, Aussel’s dog grooming scissors are the ideal length for shearing dog hairs in a range of areas with effectively. Ergonomically-shaped handles, a finger rest and adjustable screw mechanism ensure that you can use these straight dog grooming shears comfortably.

Made from superior stainless steel with a durable electroplating finish, these are robust, high-quality dog grooming scissors that will last.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose dog grooming scissor that ticks every box, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than Aussel’s 7 inch black dog grooming scissors.

Once you've purchase your dog grooming scissors, don’t forget to keep them in top condition by cleaning ​them with hygiene spray after each use and ensuring that they are completely dry before storing away.

​It's useful to remember that higher price brackets include scissors that are intended for heavy, daily use by professional dog groomers, medium price ranges lend themselves to part-time dog groomers and the most affordable types are aimed at dog owners who will use their dog grooming shears less often for one or two dogs.

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