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Dog Grooming Combs

dog grooming comb

Dog grooming combs are perfect for keeping your dog’s coat bright and shiny, as well as building a bond between you and your beloved pet.

Available in a range of sizes, the type of dog grooming comb that is right for your dog can vary, so I suggest reading through all of my recommendations below to identify which comb type is the best for your pet.

Things to look out for when purchasing a dog grooming comb:

· Is it suitable for use on multiple dogs?

· Is it durable?

· Is it suitable for most coats?

Pets at Home Dog Grooming Comb

Pets at Home Dog Grooming comb

This dog grooming comb from Pets at Home is perfect if you are on the search for an affordable dog grooming comb that is ideal for removing knots and tangles from your pet’s coat.

Ideal for fine coats, the fine teeth are designed too ensure that even the smallest of knots are removed. Therefore this comb will contribute to making sure that your dog remains looking their best with a shiny, knot free coat.

Oster Coarse Comb

The Oster Coarse Comb is perfect for untangling even the most coarse, knotted hair. The strong, rust-resistant stainless steel comb features a flat metal handle with widely spaced, rounded teeth that glide through the coat without irritating the skin.

Being made from stainless steel, this comb is built to last, which makes it perfect for regular use on thicker or thinner coats. Rest assured that the Oster Coarse Comb isn’t a flimsy product that will start to look tired after a few short uses.

Top Dog Grooming 2 in 1 Tool

The Top Dog Grooming 2 in 1 Tool is available from Amazon and you can purchase a comb for smaller dogs or one that is targeted towards medium/large dogs, so be sure to select the correct option when making a purchase.

This 2 in 1 comb has a dual function that is perfect for daily coat combing/de-tangling as well as de-shedding, so you get the best of both worlds.

To switch from one function to the other it is as simple as flipping the head over and ensuring that the desired comb is locked into place.

There are many dog grooming combs on the market that are extremely flimsy, but the Top Dog Grooming 2 in 1 Tool is designed with durability in mind. The manufacturer even guarantees that they will refund your money if the product breaks from appropriate use.

Trixie Universal Curry Comb

Trixie Universal Curry Comb

This Trixie Universal Curry Comb has been developed for long haired pets but is also ideal for caring for all fur types.

Designed to remove small knots carefully, you’ll be able to smooth out both the top and undercoat of your beloved dog to ensure that their coat remains looking immaculate and shiny.