Groomers Baby Fresh Fragrance Spray Review

There's nothing more pungent and unpleasant than the overpowering smell of dog. Like many dog owners, I have become immune to the odors of my trusty canines. Admittedly, I often let the smell get a little out of control, only to realize how bad it is when I leave my home for an extended period of time. Dogs aren't always easy on the nostrils. But fortunately, their natural scent is easily masked.

Groomers Baby Fresh Fragrance Spray is my chosen deodorizer for a very specific reason... my Jack Russell can quite stubborn. When I used scent spray on him in the past he's literally run outside and roll around in the mud. He hated the smell! I tried many alternatives, but to no avail. However, Groomers Baby Fresh was the first spray that he didn't hate. In fact, he doesn't even seem to acknowledge the smell. I know many other dog owners who have the same issues, but for some reason, there's something about Groomers that always tends to go unnoticed. Either way, it works!

Official Stats and Facts

  • 250ml of solution – enough for months of dog grooming, and preventing the need for shampoo
  • Mild baby powder fragrance. Just enough to emit a sweet smelling odor.

4.4 Star Amazon Rating

The Pros

The Groomers Baby Fresh Fragrance Spray contains 100% denatured ethanol B. Unlike other sprays, it won't mask pungent smells, it will neutralize them. I have been out walking on the moors when both of my dogs have decided to swim in swamps and roll around in cow dung. Unable to give them a proper, thorough clean, I gave them a quick spray and it completely eradicated the smell.

Even though it emits a mild odor, dogs don't seem to notice this spray at all. I've used it on many different breeds over the years and they always seem to have the same reaction: no reaction! In addition, it's cheaper over time than other sprays. While it only contains 250ml per bottle, it requires about a third of the quantity of other well-known brands.

The Cons

If you have children, avoid using this spray as it's highly flammable and toxic. It contains pure ethanol; therefore, it should always be stored in a cool, dry place. This also means that you must apply it in a suitable, risk-free area, such as the garden. If it gets on furniture, fabric or is applied in the kitchen, it could be very dangerous.


Groomers Baby Fresh Fragrance Spray is a very strong product that's perfect if you seem to constantly be at battle with the scent of dog. Having both a Husky and a Jack Russell, as well as various other breeds throughout the day (and countless bags of dog hair), the smell can become overpowering very quickly. This spray keeps it all under control, even on particularly busy days. So far I have found it to be extremely versatile and have never had a dog (or a customer) that's been disgruntled after I've used it.