Yorkshire Terrier Grooming

Yorkshire terriers are beautiful little dogs that make great companions. They are excellent pups for pampering and many owners take advantage of this. Yorkies shed very lightly and are one of the best breeds to have if you suffer from pet allergies. Despite their light shed, their soft long coat still needs grooming to keep it in optimum condition.

Ideally, your Yorkshire terrier needs to be brushed daily if you have opted to keep its coat long. To prevent any tugging or damage, you can dampen the hair so the brush slicks through. Tangles in the coat are best removed gently by hand and for mats, tease them out with a suitable brush – however, with frequent brushing, matting shouldn’t be an issue. A rubber tipped pin brush is the best tool for regular grooming, and for final touches, a bristle brush will do the job.

Some owners opt to have their Yorkie’s hair cut at different lengths. Some go for a short clipped look which gives your dog a constant puppy look or some leave it long and often tie up the hair on their head into a cute top knot. No matter what haircut you decide to give your Yorkie, it’s important you make sure that no hair is hanging in their eyes obstructing their view. Decide on a style for your pet and research how to clip for the desired look.

Yorkshire Terrier Guide

There are a few important areas that need trimming on your Yorkshire terrier including their paws and ears. Paws should be trimmed so the hair is as short as the paw and it is recommended that the hair around the ears is trimmed to a third of its length to stop the ears from falling down.

A Yorkie needs a bit more pampering when it comes to bath time in order to keep its coat silky and shiny and help to prevent tangling or mats. It’s recommended you bathe your dog every three weeks so the oils don’t get stripped from the skin and also to prevent the pores from becoming clogged. Invest in a quality shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner. By making sure their coat is thoroughly washed, conditioned and managed with a leave-in product, tangles are mostly kept at bay and the skin and hair stays healthy.

Make sure you brush and comb your pup right before and after its bath. Dry with a pet hairdryer, brushing as you go to prevent tangles. Keep a regular check on your Yorkie’s ears and watch out for any redness, excessive wax or inflammation. Some owners argue it is best to tweeze the hairs from inside a Yorkie’s ears, but sometimes this is only best if your dog is prone to ear infections.

With a Yorkie’s nails, clipping is the same as any other breed. Be careful not to catch the quick when you’re either using a clipper tool or a dremmel that shaves down the nail. The best time to clip your Yorkie’s nails is right after a bath when the nail is softer.