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Dog Grooming Finishing Dryers

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Pet salons use dog grooming dryers that ensure a dog is comfortable as he is being pampered. However we are in the business of DIY dog grooming, so we don’t necessarily want to take our dog to the local pet salon!

Once you have finished most of your dog grooming tasks, particularly washing, it is well worth using a dog grooming dryer to improve a dog’s appearance and keep their coat shiny for days to come.

Some DIY dog groomers prefer to use their own hair dryers to dry their dog’s coat, and whilst there isn’t a major problem with this, specifically designed dog grooming finishing dryers will provide that extra level of comfort for your beloved doggie.

Remember to take care and avoid blowing any air into sensitive areas around the dog’s eyes or ears, especially if you are using a traditional hair dryer.

Here are some of the best dryers we've used and can recommend:

Dog Pet Grooming Hair Dryer Hairdryer Heater Blaster 2800W Black BY HOMCOM

This dog grooming dryer from HOMCOM has all the features you would expect of a high quality, high end product - at a very reasonable price.

With 2 wind speeds and temperature settings you’ll be in full control of the amount of power and heat you use to dry your dog. Therefore, more sensitive dogs won’t be fearful each time you pull the dryer out.

Scoring an impressive 4.5 starts out of 5 in its Amazon reviews, it’s clear to see why the Wahl Pet Hairdryer and Stand is a go to for DIY dog groomers.

The best part about this dryer is the stand which comes with it. It’s a real time saver as it leaves your hands free to move your dog around and brush it at the same time as drying.

If you have a nervous dog or a pooch that is not keen on the bathing process, the stand also means you are free to pet and reassure your dog without the fuss of trying to hold a dryer at the same time.

The three heat settings plus a cool shot are an added bonus which makes sure your dog is comfortable throughout drying no matter what its hair type.

The Wahl Pet Hairdryer comes with all of the necessary tools needed such as a removable air filter for cleaning and a concentrator nozzle to give a smooth and silky coat.

Pawhut Dog Pet Grooming Hairdryer

The Pawhut Dog Pet Grooming Hairdryer says it is designed with the professional groomer in mind, but this makes a fab dryer for those pampering their pooches at home, too.

It dried my dogs super quick and thanks to the extending hose, you can keep the main unit (which some users have reported to be a tad noisy) away from the dog so not to upset them.

With two wind speeds and heat settings along with a range of different shaped nozzles, I noticed that the dogs were left with a perfect finished coat that was extra soft and fluffy.

The design of the Pawhut is perfectly portable and the hose means you can focus on concentrated areas for better grooming as opposed to a standard pet dryer.

The Pawhut Dog Pet Grooming Hairdryer has all of the features you would expect of a high end product, but without the hefty price tag.

BTM 2800W Dog Dryer

If it’s a super quick drying time you’re after then get your hands on a BTM 2000W Pet Dog Blaster.

This is the perfect tool for getting any dog dried fast, and with its hose and attachments, every canine is catered for.

The unit is light and easy to use – one feature I particularly liked about the BTM dryer is that it can be used on malting dogs to push out unwanted hairs, reducing those pesky clumps around your home.

The heater switch is a godsend for a hot summer’s day. You can change to a mildly warm jet of air keeping both the dog and yourself from overheating whilst drying after a bath or a run through a muddy river.

As a dryer which is suitable for professional use, it’s a real bargain at £63.99 for the amount of air pressure and power you get.