How to House Train a Puppy

This article will mainly focus on house training puppies, but the advice given can generally be applied to house training dogs of any age. The key to successfully house training dogs or puppies is timing, consistency and patience. Most dogs learn very quickly, but a lot of new dog owners mistakenly allow their dogs to […]

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How to Keep a Dog from Digging

Dogs dig for one of two reasons – they simply love to dig, or they’re bored and in need of exercise. To stop a dog digging holes in your garden, you’ll need to determine in which of the two categories your dog belongs before you can take effective action. Following are a couple of solutions to stop […]

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Dog Grooming Books Reviewed (UK)

It’s no secret that for most of us, building up our skills and getting better at something requires effort and a lot of research. Starting off with DIY dog grooming was daunting for me at first and although I had some basic knowledge of what to do, I learnt vital and much needed tips by reading […]

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Basic Dog Gooming Techniques Explained

dog on a grooming table

There are plenty of simple ways to get your pooch looking its best. However, keeping your dog in check can be a pricey affair during its lifetime, so if like me you want to save the pennies and give dog grooming a go yourself, here are some useful techniques and tools you can use to […]

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Masterclip Clipper Reviews

Masterclip pedigree clippers

Whether I’m planning on showcasing my dogs or just sprucing them up to keep them clean and presentable, I find that having a reliable pair of clippers really makes the whole job of grooming so much easier and less stressful. It also saves a lot of money and time spent driving too and from the […]

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