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Separation Anxiety in Dogs – What is it and How to Fix it

Dogs are social creatures who crave the continual company of others. They want to be around their “pack” and their owners all the time. They enjoy the bond and the friendship that they build with those around them. However, separation anxiety in dogs can also be prevalent, especially if the dog becomes too dependent on […]

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How to Stop a Puppy from Biting

If you’ve just brought home a new puppy you should find these tips on how to stop a puppy from biting and chewing very handy. Puppies are similar to human babies. As a puppy grows he starts to teethe, and in an effort to relieve any discomfort this causes, he will chew on anything that’s […]

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How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

Washing your dog is essential in order to keep them smelling fresh and reduce the risk of unwanted pests, which will cause irritation and discomfort. However washing them too often can actually be bad for them, because just like with humans regular shampooing can dry out the scalp and remove the natural moisturising oils from […]

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How to Shave a Dog – Everything Explained in 5 Easy Steps!

Having a dog is a wonderful experience as they are guaranteed to provide you with years of loyal companionship. However to ensure that they remain fit and healthy it’s important to groom them regularly to prevent excess shedding and matted hair, which can lead to skin irritation for your furry friend. Excessive hair can also […]

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How to House Train a Puppy

This article will mainly focus on house training puppies, but the advice given can generally be applied to house training dogs of any age. The key to successfully house training dogs or puppies is timing, consistency and patience. Most dogs learn very quickly, but a lot of new dog owners mistakenly allow their dogs to […]

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