Product reviews

Andis AGC Clippers Review

My little Jack Russell used to be a real pain to groom. He was fidgety, jumpy and always agitated. One of the main reasons for his distress was the noise. He couldn’t stand the sound of clippers when they got close to his ear. When I first purchased the Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Clippers I […]

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FURminator DeShedding Tool Review

The FURminator DeShedding Tool isn’t your average dog grooming brush, it’s literally a lifesaver! I have a Siberian Husky that has a double layer coat. Twice per year it sheds heavily, leaving a trail of hair everywhere it goes. During peak periods it’s not uncommon for me to have to vacuum three or fours timer […]

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Ancol Ergo Nail Clipper Review

Trimming claws is a difficult task, even if you have a top of the line device. Ancol Ergo Nail Clippers will deliver a clean cut with the smallest amount of pressure. Because they are designed for cats and small dogs, they differ slightly to your typical dog claw clippers by having a smaller blade. This, […]

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Wahl Multi Cut Mains Dog Clipper Set Review

These Wahl Multi Cut Clippers are a perfect choice for the amateur dog groomer. The set includes clippers with a mains plug, a blade guard, four comb cutting guides to help you discern which taper level you need the blade at, oil to be used after every cut, a cleaning brush, scissors, a basic instructions […]

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Dog Grooming Tools – What Do You Need?

Whether you are thinking about starting your own dog grooming business or saving a bit of money and having some extra quality time with your own dog by grooming them yourself, you’re going to need the necessary dog grooming tools. Certain dog grooming tasks can be complex and time consuming, so it is essential that you […]

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